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* VAT not included, 21%.You have doubts? Best you call us and we discussed: 958430323.


Lona para piscinas Lona para piscinas Lona para piscinas
  • The best protection for your pool.
  • We make canvas for rectangular pools (canvas habitual form), as well as for pools any form (canvas every form).
  • Big resistance and security. Our canvas support even the weight of several people. Ask for the installation/measurement manual with your order.


Detalle de la fijación de la lona
Details of the fixstion of the canvas.
  • Made in PVC first quality fabric with 5 years warranty.
  • The reinforcements and eyelets place each 50 to 60 centimetres(eyelets of polished stainless steel).
  • We use 10 cm in each seam for maximum resistance. The calculator takes care of adding the measure util
  • Measure the hole in your pool and the amount you want to add on the stone, advised 200 mm each side.
  • The measures have to indicate us in millimeters.
  • Drain into the center of the blanket .
  • By irregular canvas means anyone who is not completely square or rectangular. Shall be charged by the total square meters of remnants.
  • For irregularly shaped canvases, no symmetrical, is necessary to send us an exact pattern of the form of the pool. Put you in contact with us.

Price table 2015
* VAT not included, 18%.
* Approximate price of the installation 120/160 €.

normal canvas double-sided blue/black canvas normal canvas double-sided blue/black canvas

9,00 €/m2

10,00 €/m2


11,80 €/m2

12,90 €/m2