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Toldo telón o stor Toldo telón o stor Toldo telón o stor
  • Ideal place: balconies, terraces and patios with railings.
  • Two positions: curtain fixed to the railing (ANTI-WIND) or separate by means of arms of 500 mm.
  • White lacquered aluminum components, tube to coil of steel inox of 60 mm. .
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Big variety of fabric to choose.

how to take the measurements

Cómo tomar las medidas
  • The measures have to indicate us in millimeters.
  • Only have to measure the width of the awning (Line) and the distance between the roof and the railing, such as indicate in the illustration.
  • No need to measure the pendant(250 mm.), or the coil of the tube.(350 mm.), included in the price.

price table 2015, Includes necessary screw. Approximate price of the installation 90/120 €.
VAT and transport not included

Exit of the canvas 2500 mm
2000 mm
2250 mm
2500 mm
2750 mm
3000 mm
3250 mm
3500 mm
3750 mm
4000 mm
4250 mm
4500 mm
4750 mm
5000 mm
5250 mm
5500 mm
5750 mm
6000 mm
6250 mm
6500 mm
6750 mm
7000 mm
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